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Rokana Industries Plc was incorporated on the 11th September 1978 as a Private Limited Liability Company with the objectives of manufacturing toiletries, household’s products and key personal hygiene products for the health-care market.

The company maintains its head office at No 4 Ajayi Street, off 52 Allen Avenue (Next door to Lagos Hilton Hotel), Ikeja-Lagos, while its factory is located at Plot 5 Mission Road, Umualum-Nekede, Owerri. It also maintains sales office and depots in Kano, Aba Onitsha and Lagos.

In the bid to engender compact supervision and management of its production processes, the company management staffs moved location to its factory office in Nekede and keeps the Lagos office as both a depot and contact point


The company started as a wholly indigenous private enterprise. Upon its admission, in 1991 to the Second-Tier Securities Market of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, the company’s shares is now being held by the Nigerian public individuals, associations and corporate organizations..


The general policy of the company is determined by the Board of Directors of which Chinedu Ebo is the Chairman. The chairman is supported by vibrant young enterpreneurs with diverse but rich background.

Our Factory

Rokana Industries Plc has its ultra-modern, purpose-built factory complex strategically located on the vast acre of land at Nekede on the outskirts of Owerri in Imo State. The complex presently houses four separate manufacturing plants, complete with quality control facilities. The factory also accommodates the company’s raw materials and finished products warehouses, utility service plants, liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Farm and Factory Administration Office.

The existing manufacturing units at the factory are as follows
The Plastic Unit

Currently producing toothbrushes, dental stick/plague removers; plastic folders, cardholders and some plastic components for the household brush production line.

The Tufting Unit

Has modern facilities for the production of toothbrushes and other household brushes. Rokana has adequate capacity for all its products and other complimentary productions on contract basis. In both existing and new products developments, the overriding objective is high quality and functional excellence hence all of Rokana’s products classify in the premium products segment.

The Wood Section

The section houses the equipment for the shaping of handles for the wooden scrubbing brushes and the easy sweep.

TOOTHBRUSH, which is one of Rokanaa€?s quality products, is a household name in dental care and probably the most widely recognized brand throughout the world. The best toothbrush is the one you feel most comfortable using. Jordan has specially designed toothbrush that are most efficient, effective and a pleasure to use. Jordan brushes come in a large variety of head sizes, bristle stiffness and types. Rokana currently holds the fames of the FIRST and the BEST toothbrush manufacturer in Nigeria for Africa producing under franchise from Jordan.

Other Products Of The Company Include

ROKANA DRY AIRFRESHNER a€“ special formulated ozone friendly, air odorize, dry sprays currently in two unique romantic fragrances of nature brand HALIMA and AFRICAN QUEEN.

  • NUMBER 1. INSECTICIDE a€“ also an ozone friendly spray pleasantly perfumed and with high lethal effects against cockroaches, house flies, mosquito’s and other insect pests.
  • SPARKLE FURNITURE POLISH a€“ a special furniture spray for effective cleaning/maintenance of households and office furniture
  • NATUSAN BABY OILS, LOTION AND OINTMENTS a€“ an internationally popular product brand developed from many years of medical research to protect babies against nappy rash and keep their tender skins lovely at all times.
  • NATUSAN DRY SKIN LOTION a€“ specially formulated with Vitamin E for use by classic adults particularly those with dry skin problems.
  • ROKANA DENTALS STICK/PLAQUE REMOVER a€“ a mint- flavoured double-ended plastic material for removing plaque, rooting out food residues between teeth and scrubbing the surfaces in the interdental spaces.
  • SPARKLE TOOTHPASTE a€“ a new toothpaste formulation containing ACTIVE FLOURIDE, which is absorbed into the tooth enamel hardening it. Sparkle toothpaste has three active ingredients, which act together to fight tooth decay.
    At Rokana we believe in Success Through Excellence

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